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Can I continue to use my obsolete tank until it is empty?

For price comparisons between per gallon and per tank charges, consider that an empty 20# tank will hold about 4.6 to 4.7 gallons. To keep the math simple consider 5 gallons times the per gallon price and subtract about a dollar. You will likely pay more for the exchange, even if your tank is completely empty. An empty 20 lb tank will hold about 4.7 gallons of propane. That is $18.47 at $3.93 per gallon, which is the low quantity price (I just paid $3.44 per gallon when filling several tanks).

The label should say „This 20 lb tank is only filled to 15 lbs for our benefit, not yours”. Again, 90% or more of people have no idea they are getting a partially filled tank. If the propane exchange companies filled the tanks to the 20 lb full, safe limit, I would have never written this web page.

A Class of direct purchasers—such as auto repair shops and home improvement stores—had previously reached a $12.6 million settlement agreement with AmeriGas and Blue Rhino in 2019. Specifically, the judge determined the indirect purchasers had not shown that all end consumers across the more than a dozen proposed Classes had been overcharged. Thanks to the large network of Ferrellgas and Blue Rhino locations, you’ll never be far away from the fuel you need for your adventures. Blue Rhino accepts any brand of tank, so all you have to do is drop your empty tank beside the display, have a store employee swap your tank for a full one or two, and enjoy the rest of your day. If you prefer to have a Blue Rhino with a standard OPD valve , simply check the valve.

At that same Shell station was one of the exchange tank systems, in this case, Blue Rhino. I have no objection to that company, but know that what Blue Rhino offer is convenience — not a great price on fuel. Whether you choose to refill or exchange your propane tank, propane is the best way to keep your summer cooking. Propane is an affordable, easy to use, and efficient fuel that excels in backyard barbecues. Propane provides immediate heat and precise temperature control, which gives you the flexibility to prepare a variety of dishes that would be challenging with other outdoor heat sources.

will amerigas take blue rhino

15 pounds is within the limits of the amount allowed. Both companies, Blue Rino and Amerigas, advertise 15 pounds for the contents. If you don’t want 15 pounds but want 20 pounds, you can go wherever you want that fills them to 20 pounds. „the tanks are actually 25-pound tanks that can only be filled to 20 pounds. ” is a false statement. They can’t „only be filled to 20 pounds”.

Can i use a propane oven?

“Not everyone can properly fill a car with gas. We’re doing this for your safety.” After all, some people do top off. If you have just one tank and return it with 5 lbs left to avoid running out, you are now getting a higher percentage yet of waste. The propane company only has to add 10 lbs to your tank when they refill and sell to someone else. If you only have one tank for your grill, you probably do not want to have it run completely out before exchanging or refilling.

Others have valves that no longer fit on newer grills. A new federal requirement based on the National fire Protection Association standard 58 , effective April 1, 2002, prohibits tanks without an overfill prevention device from being filled. However, this federal standard was not accepted by the Connecticut State Legislature.

The return on investment may require you to use greater than 20 one pound cylinders. If you don’t camp very often, the 1 lb cylinders may well be the way to go. Bathroom scales are not the most accurate things in the world, so caution is in order. You can calibrate somewhat by weighing the tank when you know it is empty. Write this weight on the tank for future use when you weigh with the same scale.

There are locations, U-Haul included, that do not have a minimum fill charge. You are only charged for the propane dispensed. There is a company that makes refillable 1 lb cylinders.

It’s a fraction of the price you’ll pay for the exchange. From grilling and tailgating to generators and patio heating, we’re wherever you need us! With over 54,000 locations nationwide, find AmeriGas propane at your favorite hardware or home improvement store, convenience store, gas station, and more.

One other thing you should know about Blue Rino is that they don’t fill the tanks to their designed capacity. They clearly state on the label that the net weight is 17#, however these are 20# tanks and they can be safely filled to this capacity or very close to it. They will turbo vpn review tell you that they can only fill to no more than 80% capacity and this is a true statement. Under the Sherman Act,per seillegal agreements are not strictly limited to agreements on price. Agreements that restrict output or other terms of sale also fall in theper secategory.

When transporting any more than 25 tanks, the transporting vehicle must be placarded with the international propane symbol . All placarded vehicles must be driven by an individual who holds a commercial drivers license with a hazardous materials endorsement. All the requirements of NFPA 58, as well as additional requirements set forth by the Federal Department of Transportation apply in this case. Use up all residual gas, for non-refillable tanks. Absolutely, I have ft this numerous times that my tank was not filled all the way. Even complained about it to store manager.

There are several reports on the net that the tanks filled by Blue Rhino only have 17.5 lbs of propane, not 20. Or whether this is an OPD phenomenon due to possible void space left in the tank by the float interlock. Meth labs are using propane tanks and if you get one that was used in that scenario, watch out. We get ours filled at a local gas company that actually puts the whole 20 pounds of gas into the tank….and cheaper than Blue Rhino.

Propane tank exchange vs. refill — which is better for you?

Exchange tanks have 15 lbs of propane in them. But it is marked clearly on the plastic shrink wrapped label on the tank. Wal-Mart, Home Depot, the corner store, all have tanks marked with 15 lbs instead of 20. From 17.00 to 21.00 exchange in most places.

  • But if your stove is powered by electricity, you’ll need to convert to a natural gas powered stove before having it fueled by propane.
  • Propane provides immediate heat and precise temperature control, which gives you the flexibility to prepare a variety of dishes that would be challenging with other outdoor heat sources.
  • Make the supplier weigh the tank before and after the fill and determine exactly how much propane you received.
  • If you plan to reuse your tank for an extended period of time, you’ll want to find the tank’s expiration date, generally stamped on the top handle area.

The ammonia is heated either by a propane flame or electric element. Even if propane is not ignited, the buildup of the gas can be deadly due to inhalation. Breathing the gas can cause hypoxia, which is a form of oxygen deprivation that can lead to death. Liquid propane’s boiling point is -44˚F so at this temperature, the liquid propane boils and converts to vapor , which inside a sealed container produces increased vapor pressure. … This means propane in its vapor state is heavier than air and will settle to the lowest level possible. Instructions for these warn of the tanks freezing up and suggest wearing gloves to prevent frost burns.

Refill locations fill up and top off customers’ propane tanks—meaning they get the most propane their tank can safely hold. That extra 25 percent equals about four more hours of grilling time. When you exchange a propane tank, you are only guaranteed 15 pounds of propane per 20 pound tank. That means you are being shorted the amount of propane that the tank can actually hold. Not only are customers paying more to exchange, they are getting less propane than if they refilled their tank.

However, there’s likely a Ferrellgas office near your neighborhood, and our easy-to-use location finder makes it easy to find a store near you. You’ll only pay for the propane you use if you own your own propane tank. Any propane left in your tank isn’t lost as it is during an exchange –and even if it’s a small amount, it’ll return home with you. If you plan to reuse your tank for an extended period of time, you’ll want to find the tank’s expiration date, generally stamped on the top handle area. 1- Refilling may be done at many service stations, garden/nursery center, etc.

Propane Cylinder Exchange Program: Amerigas or Blue Rhino?

I have heard that some BR tanks have a special proprietary valve on them so they can’t be filled except by the company so I am going to avoid using them. Most people are taking their tanks to their local propane dealer or supplier where their old tanks are recovered. If reusable, the tanks are then repainted, re-certified and installed with an OPD. Let Top Class Actions know when you receive a check in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

The propane exchange company will simply recertify your old tank and reuse it. They have people that can do that and it is very cheap for them due to their volume. Refilling is generally the way to go, but always compare prices.

  • 10lb tank holds 10 lbs of propane, 20 lb tank holds 20 lbs of propane, 30 lb tank holds 30 lbs of propane.
  • Blue Rhino apparently has their own proprietary “TS2” valve.
  • This is NOT the same is the Overfill Protection Device which has been required for all tanks for quite some time now.
  • 15 pounds is within the limits of the amount allowed.
  • However, there’s likely a Ferrellgas office near your neighborhood, and our easy-to-use location finder makes it easy to find a store near you.
  • My local CO-OP quit filling tanks due to insurance cost.

Fortunately it was early enough in the camping trip to just keep it attached to something, and I used it up. They don’t take up much space in the trunk. They are necessary for some items, such as the catalytic heaters, in which the cylinder is part of the physical support. The bleeder valve is opened when filling allowing some gas to escape, and a bit of liquid when full. You pay a price for the convenience of the exchange.

Buy, Exchange, or Refill Your Propane Tank!

You can save up to $1.75 per gallon by refilling over the cost of an exchange at third-party retailers. The 80 % safety factor is built in., the tanks are actually 25-pound tanks that can only be filled to 20 pounds. As for this new 'magnetic valve’, I have only seen a few up in MA over the past 10 years. I empty the cylinder, and replace it with a fully functional OPD valve , this way it can be refilled wherever the rightful owner of the tank wants it to be refilled. 20 LB tanks can not be filled to a 20 LB capacity.

  • They claim that some of their tanks do not have the TS2 valve.
  • Query whether certain trade association activities could become susceptible to FTC scrutiny in the future.
  • Heck, they could be filled to 10 pounds if that is what people or the company want.
  • „I told ya so”, click my cell phone goes dead.
  • Some people may believe that grabbing a propane tank from an exchange cage at their local grocery store or gas station is the less expensive option.

Interested parties can submit written comments electronically or in paper form by following the instructions in the “Accessibility” portion of the Federal Register notice. Use our visualizations to explore scam and fraud trends in your state based on reports from consumers like you. Find legal resources and guidance to understand your business responsibilities and comply with the law. When faced with resistance from Wal-Mart, the two companies secretly agreed to coordinate their negotiations, pressuring the retailer to accept the reduced fill level. Buy two standard 20lb tanks (Blue Rhino, AmeriGas, etc.) so you always have a full tank on hand in case you run out.

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Avoid cutting the tank with a torch or cutting wheel. The tank may still contain propane and create a potential fire and explosion hazard. Do not attempt to remove the valve from your tank. If you are an individual looking for a disposal option for a spent tank, refer to marketers and dealers at the end of this fact sheet.

In order to get flow IN to a TS2 valve, a magnetic key must be inserted into the indentation to hold a steel ball out of the way. I had posted this information on the Appliances forum in a thread about gas grills. Thought I would post it here as well for reference. Statement of Chairwoman Edith Ramirez and Commissioner Julie Brill Federal Trade Commission – In the Matter of Ferrellgas Partners, L.P., et al. The FTC will publish the consent agreements in the Federal Register shortly.

I have asked the place where I refill and was told that they have never come across one that they could not fill. Apparently there is a triangular indentation on the value itself on the TS2 valves . Since you have to come back more often with the ¾ full tanks, the exchange cost is $24.62 for an equivalent amount of propane. Substitute that number in all rows of the exchange. That way you can run your tank empty before refilling or exchanging, knowing that you have a spare to finish cooking that expensive steak.