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Shervin is also co-founder and first Executive Chairman of Virgin Hyperloop One, a transportation company. Shervin was GP of Sherpa Capital Fund I, Sherpa Capital Fund II and Sherpa Everest I, from 2013 to the end of 2017, where he helped raise and invest over $650m in the 3 funds. He is a Key Member of the IEEE MMTC Multimedia Cloud Computing Interest Group Member, member of the IEEE CS Technical Committee on Multimedia Computing , and member of the IEEE ComSoc Technical Committee on Multimedia Communications . Dr. Shirmohammadi is an IEEE Fellow for contributions to multimedia systems and network measurements, a University of Ottawa Gold Medalist, a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario, and a Lifetime Professional Member of the ACM.

“By putting distances between people, the housing crisis, if unchecked, undermines the soul of our community. I will push hard for practical affordable housing solutions for people who live here or work here,” notes Shervin. In 2016, Shervin was selected as an Ellis Island Medal of Honor award winner.

  • It is very inefficient and they lose so much money every year, and this money belongs to people.
  • Rated year after year as one of Burnaby’s finest dining experiences, we were contracted to create a new visual brand for the restaurant.
  • Shervin was GP of Sherpa Capital Fund I, Sherpa Capital Fund II and Sherpa Everest I, from 2013 to the end of 2017, where he helped raise and invest over $650m in the 3 funds.
  • Mehdi Yarrahi – سرودِ زن Similar Topic Mojall – به عشق A response to Shervin Hajipour’s 'baraye’ which was heavily broadcast by foreign media.
  • We teach the next generation of researchers to develop scientific, social, and technological innovations.

It was seen more than 40 million times in less than two days on his Instagram page only. The main theme of the song is support of women with the slogan „Women, Life, Freedom”. He managed to express the wishes and grievances of Iranians in this song. Having thoughtful design creative, coupled with meeting deadlines and keeping the wallet in line, is how we roll. The entire Shervin team knows we are in business with a shared set of goals – listen to what our clients’ creative needs are, design solid marketing materials and ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience working together. We play an active role in Québec’s economic, social, and cultural development.


“Housing affordability is also making traffic congestion worse and is bad for the local economy. So many of the people who work here cannot afford to live here and end up in the intolerable rush hour traffic. What we end up with is more traffic congestion and pollution. Local businesses and government organizations face employee recruitment and retention challenges, as a result of limited affordable housing options,” he continues. Grimm’s Fine Foods wanted to expand their presence during Whitecap games at BC Place. Soccer has really embraced digital media and Shervin designed numerous digital billboards to enhance Grimm’s brand awareness throughout the stadium during home games.


We have some design ideas that might make your dream plans come true. Marie will guide you through the kitchen design trends she loves to see. Like many famous people and celebrities, Shervin Roohparvar keeps his personal life private.

And we need to use every resource to build political movements for justice in our communities. This grassroots and people-first campaign is focused on exactly that – creating a new political coalition here in California’s 32nd Congressional District committed to transformative change to our systems of government. Shervin Ghaem-Maghami is the recipient of the 2021–22 Graduate Fellowship in Municipal Finance and Governance. He is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Toronto. Shervin holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Public Administration from Queen’s University.

This repeated effort resulted in an increase in restaurant traffic which hasn’t stopped.

The 42-year-old American was born in the Millennials Generation and the Year of the Monkey

He joined Shahs of Sunset in season 5 after Asifa Mirza was featured solely in season 4. Silicon Valley entrepreneur with a nickname of AlphaSherv who has founded and served as CEO for multiple technology companies. He became well known for his time on the Bravo reality series Shahs of Sunset.

Beyond the scientific aspect of Pathology, the integral role of pathologists in diagnostic medicine provides a deep fulfillment that I have experienced during my professional life. I know how gratifying it is when an accurate diagnosis clarifies a complex case for clinician colleagues and fxpcm guides them through the appropriate treatment of a patient. We need new representation for the San Fernando Valley and LA’s Westside in Congress. We need bold, progressive policies that meet the needs of working class people. We need to take this fight to the highest levels of power.


The goal is to help eliminate food waste by the company, as everyone would have what they want, getting rid of those catered lunches where only three people eat. Shervin refers to himself as an entrepreneur and that’s a pretty mild way of putting it. While he was studying Neurological Science at University of California, Riverside, he began his first tech company in Silicon Valley which he still oversees today.

We find solutions through interdisciplinary research and industry or public and community partnerships. Mehdi Yarrahi – سرودِ زن Similar Topic Mojall – به عشق A response to Shervin Hajipour’s 'baraye’ which was heavily broadcast by foreign media. The domestic car industry is run by the government and it is corrupt. It is very inefficient and they lose so much money every year, and this money belongs to people. Also, these cars are extremely unsafe, expensive and they pollute the air.

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He has earned a substantial online fan base as indicated by his 120,000 followers on Instagram. Many have been circulating images and videos of what is happening in Iran as a means of getting their message out to international audiences. We’d love to help you get started and answer any questions you may have about our work and team. Contact us anytime or visit your nearest Chervin showroom to connect.

Shervin was tasked with designing a solution that worked with the original packaging and wouldn’t increase the packaging costs drastically. Our solution was a full colour box wrap that was eye catching, highlighted all the benefits of the product. With the new box wrap in place, their product stood out much stronger than all the competitors, and provided increased sales of the GT-100. Shervin created a Social Media plan and mapped out all communication across the various Social Media channels. We designed a ‘tool kit’ of Social Media graphics to ensure all posts had a professional, consistent appearance.

Despite having already started a tech company while only in college, he went on to own another in the same area. If you’re seeing less of Shervin Roohparvar on Shahs of Sunset recently, well, there’s a good reason for that. With his schedule, it’s hard to imagine how he has time to work out — which he does…a lot — let alone star in a show. I have the experience to provide effective leadership, management oversight and financial stewardship.

While songs and music are a powerful element in social movements, Iran has a rich cultural history with art and it continues to play a significant role. Golshani said the song is connecting Iranians, both in Iran or in the diaspora, including herself. Though she has never lived in Iran — her parents left before she was born — she says she’s still felt very connected to it because since she was a child, she’s been hearing about the hardships from her family. The protests erupted following the Sept. 16 death of Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman. She was in a coma after being detained by the country’s morality police for allegedly wearing her headscarf incorrectly.

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Among different areas of Pathology, Neuropathology has always had a unique place for me. Knowing more about one of the most complex systems in the body is fascinating for my curious mind. In addition, the fast pace of advancement and the vast unanswered questions in this field make it a dreamy carrier goal for someone like me, always ambitious to add research to my professional life. Iranian musician, soccer player arrested for supporting protests. Shervin Jannesar and Carolyn J Sparrey Tension-Compression characterization of spinal cord white matter based on transversely isotropic fibre-reinforced model. CanCNSM 2013, Non-Linear Solid Mechanics Conference, Montreal.

He was arrested on 29 September 2022, two days after the song was initially published, and was released on bail on 4 October 2022. As protests against the Iranian government have been growing, a song has been echoing, uniting people across the world who are fighting for — among several things — basic human rights for women. On 29 September 2022 Hajipour was arrested for the song „Baraye”.

Connect with your customers through online contests, targeted email and other social media models. My experience as a pathologist, a graduate student, and a researcher was a confirmation that practicing Neuropathology and following my research interests in this field is a perfect match for my future career. I am a nature lover and I enjoy spending time in nature with my family and friends. Also, I enjoy watching movies and listening to music and audiobooks in my free time. Shervin is an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley who found success in the tech, nightlife, and retail industries. After moving to Los Angeles and finding his place within GG’s friend group, this charmer with overwhelmingly high standards claims to be in a serious relationship with his Australia-based girlfriend Annalise.

Hajipour studied economy at the University of Mazandaran. He took up music at the age of eight when he entered a violin class and graduated from several musical classes later. When in secondary school, he started to compose professionally. When at university, he was composing music for theatre performances and editing. In 2019, I got a chance to observe the practice of Neuropathology at Western University.

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